I’ve been reading Papua New Guinean’s views and commentaries on the upcoming Vote of No Confidence (VONC). I’ve remained quiet because I DO NOT SUPPORT AN NA-LED ALTERNATE GOVERNMENT.

I have my own personal reasons that is close to my heart and that has to do with my everyday simple village life back here in Basamok, Rai Coast.
Under the National Alliance-led Government, the leaders in power sealed the deal to the WORST NEGOTIATED MINING PROJECT IN PNG – THE RAMU NICKEL / COBALT MINE. The deal was signed in Fiji!

It’s hypocritical NA Leader and Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch is now talking as if his party is not responsible for the very generous tax incentive (10-year tax holiday) to the Chinese.

That deal they signed had complete disrespect and ignorance of us, the simple people. 13-years on, we the people of Rai Coast have been deprived of our constitutional right to have an opportunity to benefit from a single infrastructure development as a result of the State and the Chinese using our resources and shitting in our environment.

So now National Alliance Party, you’ve consolidated yourself and are positioning yourself as the Knight in the Shining Armour to rescue MV PNG?

Huh, we the grassroots rural people of Rai Coast are suffering from your legacy of poor leadership and decision making.

The sea has received hundred of our deaths. The air emissions (from an alleged banned heavy oil your Government approved) has claimed our babies and make us go hungry from destruction of food crops. The Court ruled your environmental plan was unconstitutional and is a public and private nuisance.

Papa God em collectim ai wara blong mipla long bucket. So you think you have now purged yourself of your sins and wanna lead this country again? We are swallowing the bitter pills of your poor leadership and negotiation capacity.

We the people of Basamok, Rai Coast have ZERO CONFIDENCE in a NATIONAL ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT. So NA, unpack your bags and Rest in Peace!


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